Welcome! We are the Southeast Tennessee Resource Conservation and Development Council! A 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Our Vision: A region of sustainable communities, stable families, and prospering farms

Our Mission: To searve communities and protect the natural resources of Southeast Tennessee


For the last 44 years, the Southeast TN RC&D has invested in projects that make a real difference in our communities - from clean water projects, educational outreach, and farm equipment assistance, to community enrichment and service.

In the last few years we have actively been involved with:

- 319 Nonpoint Source Grants assisting farmers and property owners with repairs and cost share for best management practices to reduce e. coli in watershed in 7 counties

- Snorkel, getting at-risk youth and children living in urban areas scholarships to spend the day exploring the Conasauga river with experienced Snorkelers and the Forestry Service 

- Inmate industries, providing work and art therapy for well behaved inmates constructing and painting rain barrels to be sold cheaply to interested gardeners and water conservationists

- Donating materials to build community gardens

- Donating material and volunteers to build bat boxes, raptor houses, and bird houses to be installed in city greenspaces

- Watershed education for kids and adults are various functions

- Trail Raisers, a volunteer everywhere program encouraging greenspace users to volunteer to clean up public spaces every time they visit

and much more! 

We are proud to continue the work we're doing for the communities we love and live in.